Free Consultation

We will meet you at your home for a free consultation.

Walk Through

We will walk with you through your home while you show us what you are selling and what you are keeping.

We sell old magazines, art, postcards, vintage jewelry, books, comic books, records/CDs, kitchenware, tools, garage items, firewood, household appliances, clothing/shoes/handbags, costume jewelry, cleaning supplies, linens, lighting fixtures, pianos, cars…….and most everything else! You have it, we can sell it!


Once a date is set, we immediately post dozens of photos on social media and estate sale networking sites to maximize the exposure of your sale to our customers!
Organize – Price – Stage: We will stage, organize and price all items to be sold. (We have an appraiser on our sales team.)


We will provide for advertising on major estate sale networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and send announcements to our 3,500 email subscribers.

Sale Day

We will manage and staff the 3, 4 or 5 day estate sale with our dedicated sales team. (We accept cash, check, and credit cards.)

Leftover Items

We will coordinate the donation of items that do not sell to charity on your behalf (tax deductible).

After the Sale

Finally, we pay you within 2 days of the sale, or sooner if necessary!

Why Choose Rose’s Antiques

  • A Professional Estate Sale Company
  • When you need fast, quality services from an experienced estate sale company, call Rose’s Antiques.
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • We’ve compiled a network of collectors and buyers who will pay fair prices for collectibles and antiques.
  • We’re here to help when relatives do not live in the area and cannot take the time from busy schedules to handle the details of an estate sale
  • We provide an inventory with fair market values for estate.
  • We can assist our senior customers in selling items as they transition to retirement care or a smaller living space, making the move less stressful!
  • Our estate sales are conducted in a highly professional manner with cameras and staff support for monitoring traffic to avoid any theft.
  • We price the merchandise to sell at the estate. Leftovers are either taken to auction or donated to a local charity of the client’s choice.

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Have a Question about Sales, a Recent Order, or how to arrange a free appraisal? Our friendly Consultants can assist you.

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