Reimagining the World of Fine Art

Rose's Antiques is one of the world’s large art dealer, bringing the experience of collecting fine art to thousands of customers around the world.

No other company has the expertise, insight, or variety of art as Rose's Antiques. Whether it’s masterpieces from history’s greatest artists or the latest artwork from leading contemporary icons, Rose's Antiques offers something for everyone.

Rose's Antiques

For decades, Rose's Antiques has brought its unmatched knowledge and customer service to art auctions in Maryland. With top-notch delivery services, Rose's Antiques ensures that art lovers and collectors anywhere can enjoy their art for years to come.

Art World Accessible

Rose's Antiques strives to create an entertaining, educational, and welcoming atmosphere that ignites a passion for the arts. Rose's Antiques’ mission is to make the art world accessible, helping its clients build lasting memories through collecting events, auction, and art exhibitions.

Based in Potomac, MD, Rose's Antiques offer estate sale and downsizing services to anyone moving out of a home. Whether you are downsizing, transitioning into assisted living, putting your house on the market, or settling an estate, Rose’s Antiques can help!

Our Specialist Departments are available for sales appraisals, recommendations on consignments, client visits and restoration questions.