The Price is Right

In addition to authenticity, collectors sometimes have concerns about the value of art. To a casual art collector, art appraisals can sometimes appear to be opaque and intimidating, but Rose's Antiques works to make that process transparent and approachable by looking at many factors — including an artwork’s age, rarity, condition, authenticity, and lineage of ownership — before assigning an appropriate replacement value of a piece.

Selling Art for 50 Years

“Rose's Antiques has been buying and selling art for 50 years and has sold more comparable pieces in the marketplace than any other gallery,” One customer says. “They are my go-to benchmark when assessing value for the artists that Rose's Antiques sells even when I’m working with other auction houses or galleries.”, the other customer says.

Since its founding, Rose's Antiques' mission has been to provide experiences that help their clients fall in love with art. A large amount of effort goes into maintaining Rose's Antiques' stellar reputation, but that work is worth it, according to customers. It helps clients feel confident in their collecting journey.

“There has to be a special trust and relationship between the client, the auctioneer, the art and the artist,” one customer explains. “Those connections ultimately help the collectors understand the pleasure that will be brought into their worlds, into their homes, by a work of art.”